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Type & Learn - Letters & Numbers

I am developing educational software for children. I have a 6 month old daughter who is my test subject. My first program is Type and Learn Letters and Numbers. I created it because she likes banging on the keyboard. So I made an interactive program which displays the letters and numbers when she presses a key. There is also a feature which displays photos with words which begin with the letter, for example G for Giraffe. I hired a voice-over recording artist to provide spoken words, numbers and letters to make a better experience.

At 6 months old she is not yet coordinated, but I can tell she realizes that she is making something happen on the computer when she presses a key. And she appears to get excited when I start the program for her. It's an early introduction to letters and numbers and the computer. Although the software is suitable for boys and girls, it does have a girl-ish slant, because I made it for my daughter.

Type & Learn - Music Box

Software developed for infants - toddlers age 6 months to 4 years. It is intended as a first exposure to music. The software works with your piano keyboard (which supports "General MIDI" standard). It displays the music score on the screen when you press keys on the piano keyboard. It provides a visual interaction to making music for children. They can see the notes on the screen as they press the piano keys.

REQUIRED: Piano Keyboard that supports General MIDI

Not sure if your keyboard will work? Contact Us. Looking to buy a keyboard? The Casio CTK-3500 is an inexpensive full-size keyboard which supports General Midi.

I shall develop many software titles over the next five years, for my daughter. I hope my software will reach other children, to enhance their learning.

Questions? Contact by Email or by phone: 650-900-8557

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